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Ghost Toast- ‘Shade Without Colour’ (2022)

Debrecen, Hungary. CD Inverse Records 67 mins Experimental progressive rock www.ghosttoast.hu https://www.facebook.com/ghosttoastband Rating 90/100 Debrecen is the second-largest city in Hungary and was previously labelled  ‘the Calvinist Rome’ due to a religious...

Samantha Josephine: The Finished Touch (2021)

This is a direct continuation of the work displayed by Samantha on the Fly Bird Fly EP which came out a few months ago, except this time around she has managed to secure the services of drummers Mars Slater Vitai and Olive Konai, who between them share the duties on...

Black Sands: Apocalypse Of Eden (2021) single

To my mind this single is long overdue, as I have been lucky enough to catch these guys play live a few times this year and they always put on an amazing show. Comprising Cameron Owens (guitars), Ruaidri Keens (guitars), Matt Hammond (bass) and James Trimmer (drums)...

Pass the Peas: Pop (2022)

This three-track EP is the latest release from Poneke-based quintet {Pass The Peas}, who describe their music as Wasabi spicy Rock n' Roll, whatever that means. To my ears it means they play mid-paced alternative pop rock with a strong concentration on the gravelly...

Tall Folk: Wiser (2022)

2021 was a wonderful musical adventure for me as I threw myself into the NZ music scene, and towards the end of the year I realised that with nearly 200 reviews of local music I really should work out my Top 10 singles, EP’s, albums and gigs (check out...

Powder Chutes: Sweet Noise Pollution (2022)

There is always that little hint of concern when reading a press release for a new EP and realise it contains a quote from yours truly for the single which was taken from it. How would they take it this time around if I panned this release? Luckily, I have always...

Fool’s Lagoon: Bizarre (2021) single

This is the debut single from Auckland-based quintet Fool’s Lagoon. Mark, Connor, Joe, Matt and Joshua have created a bright and summery indie pop jangler which is heavily guitar-based yet is somehow light and airy throughout. The rhythm section bounces along, the...

Jon Downes: The New Normal (2021)

Jonathan Downes is a naturalist, cryptozoologist, author, editor, filmmaker, poet, novelist, activist, journalist, composer, and singer-songwriter, best known for being the Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. On top of all of that, I am so pleased to be able...

Michel Polnareff: Live at the Roxy (1996)

Over my years of friendship with Thierry Sportouche, I have become used to envelopes turning up from time to time with either books or CDs which he believes I may find interesting. The CDs always used to be ones he had been sent for Acid Dragon and he was wanting me...

Non Serviam: Le Coeur Bat (2021)

There is nothing pleasant about this whatsoever, and nor is it designed to be. This is not music to listen to gently in the afternoon as pleasant background to calm the children, but rather is a dystopian metallic nightmare to be played on headphones incredibly loudly...
Cleaning Women- ‘Intersubjectivity’    (2019)

Cleaning Women- ‘Intersubjectivity’ (2019)

Svart Records 2019 Finland https://cleaningwomen.bandcamp.com/album/intersubjectivity Rating 85/100 Despite the fact that this loony bunch generate their music utilising a strange assemblage of slung together homemade instruments the overall effect is totally amazing....

Brian Baker: Everywhere You Go (2021) single

Brian Baker: Everywhere You Go (2021) single

Brian left Aotearoa some 40 years ago to find fame and fortune in Australia, and after a successful recording and touring career he has now returned home, setting up a studio and settling in an off-the-grid permaculture farm north of Auckland. His long-time sparring...

Gabriel Bond: Lights Burn Low (2021) single

Gabriel Bond: Lights Burn Low (2021) single

Class, sheer class. When I first heard this a face kept popping into my head as to who this reminded me of, but it took ages for the synapses to snap and finally it came into focus, Richard Marx. This is a song which is incredibly well written and arranged (and from a...

Brent West: Run From The Fear (2021) single

Brent West: Run From The Fear (2021) single

It has been a couple of years since the last release from South Auckland boy Brent West, but he is now back with his latest single. Run From The Fear is fairly lengthy for a single, at more than 5 minutes, and is packed full of emotion and angst. It is reminiscent in...

Aro: Muramura (2021) single

Aro: Muramura (2021) single

At this time of the year, it is common to look back and think about what we have experienced, and while anyone living in Auckland will happily complain about the last 3+ months (with good reason), we were all able to experience live music earlier in the year if we so...

Ayla Wesley: Salamanders (2021) single

Ayla Wesley: Salamanders (2021) single

This is the debut single from Ayla Wesley, a young alt folk/indie artist who has been playing gigs in Tauranga and Auckland over the last few years. It commences with a few electric guitars combining to set an ambience until it settles down to just one guitar being...

In The Shallows: There You Are (2021) single

In The Shallows: There You Are (2021) single

2021 has been a voyage of discovery for me in the NZ Music scene, and it may have taken a lengthy road trip, but earlier in the year I finally managed to catch up with {In The Shallows} who have the temerity to live in the capital as opposed to Auckland. I fell in...

Written By Wolves: Papercut (2021) single

Written By Wolves: Papercut (2021) single

There is no doubt that 2021 has been a hard ride emotionally for Written By Wolves. They went through the process of re-recording tracks from their Secrets album and putting them out as The Collab Project//Secrets, baring their soul to get people talking about mental...

Investigator: Don’t Touch Me! (2021) single

Investigator: Don’t Touch Me! (2021) single

Earlier this year Investigator made it into the official NZ charts for the first time with Lake of Eyes, a wonderful achievement for a fully independent self-funded outfit. Since then, there has been the minor issue of an Auckland lockdown which prevented them from...

Laurent Voulzy: Avril (2001)

Laurent Voulzy: Avril (2001)

Thanks for Thierry Sportouche (Acid Dragon), here I am writing about a French album which was released back in 2001. At the time this was the first solo album by Voulzy for 9 years and reached #2 in the national charts. He originally led the English-pop-influenced Le...

Matt Heckler: Blood, Water, Coal (2021)

Matt Heckler: Blood, Water, Coal (2021)

It is safe to say that I was hugely impressed by Heckler’s debut album, ‘After The Flood’, while he was the first artist on the indispensable series, ‘The Magnolia Sessions’, so when I saw this had been released I was expecting great things, and I was not...

Kaylee Bell: Silver Linings (2021)

Kaylee Bell: Silver Linings (2021)

Kaylee is the most streamed Female Country artist from Australasia, with more than 30 million to date, with her recent hit single That Summer breaking the million and being the mot added song to mainstream radio in New Zealand in the month of release. That is one of...

Channeled: Breathe (2021) single

Channeled: Breathe (2021) single

Multi-instrumentalist Ben Ruegg is back with his latest single as Channeled, which also now appear to have a new logo. I have always been impressed with this band, either live or in the studio, but here Ben is moving in a slightly different direction, and I am not...

Coridian: Endless War (2021) single

Coridian: Endless War (2021) single

If you had told me at the beginning of the year that we would be ending 2021 and I had only seen Coridian play a few times I would have laughed at you. Mind you, we also expected the full-length album, Hava, as well but COVID 19 has a way of messing up the best laid...


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  • Nektar – Sounds Like Swiss
    by Graham Thomas on January 20, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Well now, where has this little nugget been hiding for the last 49 years I wonder? I’d have thought all the half-decent Nektar live recordings must have appeared long ago, and then this turns up! A sound board recording of an entire show in Lausanne from 1973, and an hour long live Swiss TV special [&hellip

  • Jomo Tuun – One Tuun
    by Nick Hudson on January 19, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    One of the first albums I reviewed for TPA was Guranfoe’s debut, Sum of Erda – a wonderful and eclectic fusion of sounds that was thoroughly grounded in the ’70s yet never suffered the pitfalls so many retro prog bands do. Filled with psychedelia and Canterbury, and sounding a little like Camel meets Zappa, or [&hellip

  • Retreat From Moscow – The World As We Knew It
    by Leo Trimming on January 18, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    The World as we Knew it is the debut album of the rather strangely named Welsh melodic rock band Retreat from Moscow. They may be new to most people, but when someone with the ear of the excellent Robin Armstrong of Cosmograf sees fit to release their album on his Gravity Dream label then it’s [&hellip

  • Somalgia – Inverted World
    by Nick Hudson on January 17, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Black Metal. What do those words conjure in your mind? Even though I know and like some black metal that does not fit this stereotype, as soon as I see or hear a band described as black meatal I think of lo-fi one-man-bedroom-bands of dubious talent. Sometimes the lo-fi nature of the recording seems to [&hellip

  • Monarch Trail – Wither Down
    by David Edwards on January 16, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Monarch Trail are a Canadian progressive rock trio, led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ken Baird, Wither Down is their third release. Now, if the band and the album have gone under your musical radar of late, amongst the other fine releases of 2021, don’t be too concerned – they had gone under mine as well! [&hellip

  • Involute – Hindsight
    by Nick Hudson on January 15, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Once upon a time there was a prog metal band named Blind Spectrum. I really enjoyed their music, but could never get on with the vocals of Sean Butler. I always felt that they would be better as an instrumental band, or with another singer. My favourite aspect of Blind Spectrum was young guitarist Wyatt [&hellip

  • Tony Patterson & Doug Melbourne – Dark Before Dawn
    by Leo Trimming on January 14, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Dark Before Dawn is the follow up to The Divide, the excellent 2019 debut album from Tony Patterson and Doug Melbourne, who were previously in the eminent Genesis tribute band Regenesis. Dark Before Dawn has a lot to live up to after the quality and imagination manifested in The Divide, and there are clear connections [&hellip

  • Lyle Workman – Uncommon Measures
    by Bob Mulvey on January 13, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    Hold the end of year Best of 2021! Damn, too late… Although released in February 2021, it was purely happenstance that I discovered Uncommon Measures during the recent festive period. So… there I am beavering away on something TPA related, listening to an album on YouTube when the album appeared to become markedly more interesting, [&hellip

  • Mannheimer Schlagwerk – The Numbers Are Dancing: New Works for Mallet Quartet
    by Graham Thomas on January 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    The Mannheimer Schlagwerk is a percussion collective which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It was the brainchild of Dennis Kuhn, who created it to play a one-off event, but it has somehow endured ever since. The group is known for its consistently high class performances, and it has remained true to its ethos throughout that [&hellip

  • A Different Aspect #74
    by Nick Hudson on January 10, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    In this ADA album update we feature albums released by the Australia based Worlds Within Worlds record label. • Various Artists (VA) – Worlds Within Worlds Label Sampler 2019-2021 • Badieh – Badieh • Various Artists (VA) – Hanin: Field Recordings in Syria 2008/2009 • David Hush & Hamed Sadeghi – Meditation on Wind • [&hellip


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