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RPWL: Tales From Outer Space (2019)

German band RPWL are into their third decade as an active band now, still going on strong and continuing to develop their accessible and melodic approach to the art of progressive rock. "Tales From Outer Space" is their ninth studio album, and will be released in...

Ascaris: The Raised Hand (2018)

UK metal band ASCARIS was formed back in 2012, and since then the threesome have honed their craft by live performances, an initial EP that came in 2014, before summarizing their creations and experiences into their first full length album "The Raised Hand", a...

Clark Ashton Smith: The Muse of Hyperborea (2017)

US poet, artist and author Clark Ashton SMITH is a familiar name to most fans of horror fiction, as well as a known entity among those with a more than passing interest in poetry. Many of his poems drew a lot of inspiration from common horror themes, and it is a...

Roland Topor: No Ordinary Fairy (2017)

French artist Roland TOPOR made a name for himself in many fields of the arts, and was known for his surreal creations as well as being an actor in classic horror movies in the 1970's. One of the many fields he explored was literature, and due to that US specialist...

Strepitvsitvs: Ondapensiero. Formapensiero (2016)

Italian twosome Strepitvsitvs appeared a few years back, and have a handful or so of releases to their name so far. Apparently a side project consisting of the same people as Italian band AsolanMac Project, it would appear that both projects create music that fits...

Ken Wiley: Cuerno Exotica (2018)

I have only come across one other of Ken’s albums, 2014’s ‘Jazz Horn Redux’ and this is a totally different beast both in terms of personnel and style. Much of this album feels incredibly Latin and Cuban, and Wiley shares the lead voices with Mark Leggett (acoustic...

Mike Bogle Trio: Dr. B! (2018)

Here we have a trio comprising Mike Bogle (Hammond B3, vocals), Richard McClure (guitar) and Ivan Torres (drums) with a five-track album which is 34 minutes long. I see this has been given a 5* review on Amazon, but I can only believe that the person who did so is...

Lacuna Coil: Broken Crown Halo (2014)

I still remember hearing ‘In A Reverie’, ‘Unleashed Memories’ and ‘Comalies’ when they were released – three albums that made a huge impact and certainly launched this Italian dual vocal Gothic inspired act straight into the big time. I hadn’t heard any of their...

Lacuna Coil: The 119 Show – Live in London (2018)

To celebrate twenty years, Lacuna Coil played a special sold-out show at O2 Forum Kentish Town in London on 19th January 2018, which has now been made available in multiple formats. After the release of their 2014 album ‘Broken Crown Halo’ the band went through some...

Landmvrks: Fantasy (2018)

Apparently this metalcore quartet started off life as Coldsight in 2014, only changing the name when founding guitarist Florent Salfati switched to lead vocals. They self-released their debut, ‘Hollow’, in 2016 and have now signed to Arising Empire Records for their...


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The Viking in the Wilderness
Feb 18 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Viking in the Wilderness
The Viking in the Wilderness, aka Olav, will play music he has received for promotional purposes. It will be a varied show in terms of style and content, featuring everything from rockabilly and jazz to[...]
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Hot Wax with The Mad Platter
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    1998. To me another period where the manufactured music seemed to take over the airwaves, so the arrival of Semisonic with Closing Time was a godsend; nothing to do with my alternative residence of the pub, but the quality of the music. Lyrics with the clarity of Crowded House, memorable tunes, and a pleasure to [&am […]

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