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6:00 pm Rock @ 33 1/3 with The Mad Platt...
Rock @ 33 1/3 with The Mad Platt...
Aug 4 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Rock @ 33 1/3 with The Mad Platter - Sounds Like 70's Pirate Radio
(All Vinyl Show) Spinning music the way it was meant to be heard, one side at a time… Do you remember when it was about the quality music and not the style of music? Well that is exactly what you will hear on this show, from rock, jazz-fusion, aor, as well as all sub genres of prog. So grab a comfortable seat your favorite beverage and enjoy 4 hours of great music, don’t forget to bring some friends along. Spinning vinyl, because music was meant to be heard at 33 1/3 SHOW TIMES WORLDWIDE: East Coast ~ 6:00 PM West Coast ~ 3:00 PM Dallas ~ 5:00 PM Buenos Aires ~ 8:00 PM London ~ 11:00 PM Rome ~ 12:00 AM Auckland ~ 10:00 AM Oslo ~ 12:00 AM Beirut ~ 1:00 AM Hamburg ~ 12:00 AM Athens ~ 1:00 AM Tokyo ~ 7:00 AM Sydney ~ 8:00 AM Hosted by Nick Katona aka The Mad Platter! ◄♦♦ ▬ Joining us for the first time on HOP ▬ ♦♦► You will need to register a user name first for the HOP “Chat Room/Forum” experience with the DJ’s, and other HOP Chatters – it’s easy, safe and everyone will make you feel right at home! HOP Help Link for Chat Room sounds, avatars and basic “how do I do that”? questions ◄♦♦ ▬ HOP Happens 24/7 ▬ ♦♦► To LISTEN > simply log onto: You’ll see the Artist/Band “Now Playing” and the Album being featured ~ Then “tune...
10:00 pm Blues in The House with Tommie B...
Blues in The House with Tommie B...
Aug 4 @ 10:00 pm – Aug 5 @ 12:00 am
Blues in The House with Tommie Brewster
2 Hours of great blues!
3:00 pm Metal Madhouse with DJ Morgana
Metal Madhouse with DJ Morgana
Aug 5 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Metal Madhouse with DJ Morgana
Prog metal, speed metal, death metal, you name it you will hear it……..
8:00 pm The Leibowitz Ordeal
The Leibowitz Ordeal
Aug 5 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
The Leibowitz Ordeal
DJ 9/8 is the broadcast moniker of Josh Leibowitz, a multi instrumentalist, music producer, recording artist and live performer from Boynton Beach, Florida. Growing up, he listened to everything from ragtime, jazz, rock and new wave, to symphonies played with spoons and forks, performed by professionally seasoned cutlery specialists. With little knowledge of progressive rock bands post 1980, Leibowitz downplays this fact by playing songs from his own repertoire, as well as selections by his unique group of musical friends, locally and around the world. Featured on the show will be live, acoustic performances of his music, jolly banter, musings and many surprises.
7:00 pm Prog Rock Deep Cuts with Ian Bea...
Prog Rock Deep Cuts with Ian Bea...
Aug 6 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Prog Rock Deep Cuts with Ian Beabout
Only the rarest of tunes, the oddest of tunes (ok, some normal stuff thrown in sometimes)

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from everywhere

Words of Farewell: The Black Wild Yonder (2014)

By Olav Martin BjørnsenOn July 31, 2015

German band WORDS OF FAREWELL was formed back in 2006, and following two initial EPs they released their debut album “Immersion” in 2012. Fast forward two more years and the band was ready with theirRead more

BUCKETHEAD - Bats in the Lite Brite (Prog Related)

On August 3, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. Peg 1 (4:30) 2. Peg 2 (3:15) 3. Peg 3 (3:13) 4. Peg 4 (4:15) 5. Peg 5 (6:42) 6. Peg 6 (2:36) 7. Peg 7 (3:32) 8. Peg 8 (3:35) Total Time 31:38 August 1, 2015Read more

Rob Reed working on Sanctuary II

On August 3, 2015

Magenta mastermind Robert Reed has begun work on the follow-up to solo album Sanctuary.Read more

ROYAL HUNT - Devil's Dozen (Progressive Metal)

On August 2, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. So Right So Wrong (7:21) 2. May You Never (Walk Alone) (7:29) 3. Heart on a Platter (6:52) 4. A Tear in the Rain (5:49) 5. Until the Day (6:36) 6. Riches to Rags (5:44) 7. WayRead more

Tim Bowness: : launches stream of 'Sing To Me'

By On July 6, 2015

Tim Bowness is set to release his third solo album, 'Stupid Things That Mean The World' on the 17th July 2015 and is now pleased to reveal another new track to be taken from the record.Read more

David Gilmour releases Rattle That Lock video

On July 31, 2015

David Gilmour has released an animated video for his track Rattle That Lock.Read more

Tim Bowness: : 'Stupid Things That Mean The World' enters the charts; additional live date added

By On July 28, 2015

Tim Bowness's third solo album, 'Stupid Things That Mean The World' was released on July 17 on InsideOut Music. In the UK, the album reached number 10 in both the National Rock Albums cRead more

Steve Rothery : : to release 'The Ghosts Of Pripyat' on vinyl for first time

By On July 6, 2015

Legendary Marillion guitarist and founding member Steve Rothery released his debut solo album 'The Ghosts of Pripyat' last year, following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. InsideOutRead more

Radiohead Selway happy outside his comfort zone

On August 4, 2015

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway enjoys being forced out of his comfort zone through his solo work.Read more

Caligula's Horse : : announce new album "Bloom" and European tour dates!

By On July 29, 2015

Melding the forthright intensity of rock with the skill and inventiveness of progressive metal, Brisbane's CALIGULA'S HORSE have announced the 16th October 2015 release of their 3rd recordRead more

Enchant: : Announce European tour and North American dates!

By On July 3, 2015

ENCHANT, the Bay Area's long-running Prog Rock institution, are finally returning for live appearances in Europe this October in order to promote their acclaimed comeback album "The Great DiRead more

Steven Wilson – Vinyl compilation ‘Transience’ to be released in September

By KscopeOn July 16, 2015

Featuring songs recorded between 2003-2015, Transience is a personally curated vinyl only introduction to the more accessible side of Steven Wilson’s output, to be released in September release (UK) tRead more

Arcane Roots confirm UK tour

On August 3, 2015

Arcane Roots will tour the UK in October, they’ve confirmed.Read more

Martin Barre details 6th solo title

On August 3, 2015

Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre has named his sixth solo album Back To Steel – and he’s designed it as a celebration of his five-decade career.Read more

Leprous: : Launch lyric-video for album track "Slave"; More live dates!

By On July 3, 2015

After having performed at Metropolis Fest in Belarus with Dream Theater last weekend, Norwegian prog metallers LEPROUS continue to promote their newest studio album "The Congregation", whichRead more

Tim Bowness: : artwork interview video launched, "Stupid Things That Mean The World" out now.

By On July 21, 2015

Tim Bowness' third solo album, 'Stupid Things That Mean The World' is out now. A video interview with I Monster's Jarrod Gosling, who crafted the artwork for the album, has also beRead more

Riverside: : Launch new track "Discard Your Fear" via lyric-video; On tour now!

By On July 9, 2015

Polish prog masters RIVERSIDE are now kicking off the promotional activities for much anticipated new studio album "Love, Fear and the Time Machine", which will be released on September 4th,Read more

NEVBORN - Five Horizons (Experimental/Post Metal)

On August 3, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. Sending A Message (2:49) 2. From The Edge Of The Universe (7:01) 3. For Seven Days (10:15) 4. Beyond The Five Horizons (7:59) 5. Between The Skies (9:07) 6. For The King Of KinRead more

Kscope Artists Nominated In The Progressive Music Awards 2015

By KscopeOn June 25, 2015

Prog Magazine have announced details of their 2015 and fourth annual Progressive Music Awards presented by Orange Amplification and Kscope are thrilled to confirm that we have artists nominated in thiRead more

The Receiver – premiere video for Transit

By KscopeOn July 3, 2015

THE RECEIVER       NYLON.COM PREMIERE VIDEO FOR TRANSIT WATCH HERE: TRANSIT IS TAKEN FROM THE NEW ALBUM ALL BURN OUT NOW ON KSCOPE  “Recalls some of the more wistful, melancholy, late-summer-turning-tRead more

BRÜCKNER, MICHAEL - Ondes Intergalactiques: Live at the Cosmic Nights Festival 2015 (Michael Brückner and Mathias Brüssel) (Progressive Electronic)

On August 3, 2015

[Live Album · 2015](CD 01) 1. Ondes Intergalactiques part 1 - Live at Brussels (17:37) 2. Ondes Intergalactiques part 2 - Live at Brussels (13:28) 3. Ondes Intergalactiques part 3 - Live at Brussels (Read more

ENFANT - Ellipsism (Heavy Prog)

On August 3, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015] 1. Edvarda (7:33) 2. Gretchen (8:22) 3. Cristina (3:34) 4. Camila (6:41) 5. María (9:12) 6. Leonora (7:49) 7. Victoria (4:34) Total Time : 46:25 Self-Released digitalRead more

BUCKETHEAD - Land of Miniatures (Prog Related)

On August 3, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. Land of Miniatures (15:36) 2. Loathsome Shape (3:19) 3. Triceratoptron (5:18) 4. Way Back When (4:46) Total Time 28:59 August 1, 2015Read more

Dream Theater album now set for 2016

On August 1, 2015

Dream Theater won’t release their next album until 2016, according to guitarist John Petrucci.Read more

Durga McBroom-Hudson guests with Christian Welde

On August 3, 2015

Pink Floyd backing singer Durga McBroom-Hudson is featured on Norwegian prog artist Christian Welde’s latest track When Night Falls, mastered by Floyd collaborator Andy Jackson.Read more

Riverside: : First "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" album trailer; NOTP fest & North American tour!

By On July 16, 2015

Polish prog masters RIVERSIDE are currently on the road and pre-promoting their much anticipated new studio album "Love, Fear and the Time Machine", set to be released on September 4th, 2015Read more

M-Opus lose gear in van theft

On July 31, 2015

M-Opus have reported that a van containing their instruments has been stolen in Ireland.Read more

Spock's Beard: : Release New Lyric Video For Track "Minion"

By On July 24, 2015

Legendary Prog group Spock's Beard's 12th studio album 'The Oblivion Particle' is set for release on August 21st, 2015. In advance of the album's release, the band is pleasedRead more

HILLS - Frid (Psychedelic/Space Rock)

On August 3, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. Kollektiv (4:43) 2. National Drone (7:47) 3. Anukthal Is Here (5:53) 4. Milarepa (3:01) 5. Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd (10:46) 6. Death Will Find A Way (4:45) Total time: 36:55 LPRead more

HANCOCK, HERBIE - Omaha Civic Auditorium 17th November 1975 (Jazz Rock/Fusion)

On August 3, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. Watermelon Man (4:58) 2. Hang Up Your Hang Ups (16:42) 3. Steppin' In It (12:28) 4. Bubbles (10:18) 5. Shekere (4:07) 6. Heartbeat (11:34) Total Time 60:07 CD Hi Hat HHCD0Read more

WITCHWOOD - Litanies From the Woods (Heavy Prog)

On August 3, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. Prelude / Liar (7:23) 2. A Place For The Sun (7:11) 3. Rainbow Highway (5:54) 4. The Golden King (6:24) 5. Shade Of Grey (11:04) 6. The World Behind Your Eyes (5:43) 7. FarewelRead more

TesseracT return to Australia in October

By KscopeOn July 22, 2015

Destroy All Lines and Chugg Entertainment Present TESSERACT with guest Caligula’s Horse Australian Tour: October 2015 The U.K.’s premier progressive act TesseracT will return to Australia this OctoberRead more

CHALK, ANDREW - A Light At The Edge Of The World (Progressive Electronic)

On August 2, 2015

[Studio Album · 2015]1. A Light At The Edge Of The World (40:43) Total Time 40:43 CD Faraway Press FP 025 (2015)Read more

TesseracT release Messenger video

On August 3, 2015

TesseracT have released a lyric video for their track Messenger, taken from fourth album Polaris.Read more

The Blues magazine launches new website

On July 31, 2015

We are pleased to announce that The Blues Magazine has a new online home.Read more

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